OLAE-ICP: Robust and fast alignment of geometric features with the optimal linear attitude estimator

MOLAorg/mp2p_icp 25 Jun 2019

The problems of point-cloud registration and attitude estimation from vector observations (Wahba's problem) have widespread applications in computer vision and mobile robotics.


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The Sky Above The Clouds

skypilot-org/skypilot 14 May 2022

Technology ecosystems often undergo significant transformations as they mature.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

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A lightweight design for serverless Function-as-a-Service

WasmEdge/WasmEdge 13 Oct 2020

FaaS (Function as a Service) allows developers to upload and execute code in the cloud without managing servers.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

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bpftime: userspace eBPF Runtime for Uprobe, Syscall and Kernel-User Interactions

eunomia-bpf/bpftime 14 Nov 2023

Through bpftime, we not only enhance uprobe performance but also extend the versatility and user-friendliness of eBPF runtime in user space, paving the way for more efficient and secure kernel operations.

Operating Systems

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Online Estimation of Articulated Objects with Factor Graphs using Vision and Proprioceptive Sensing

robot-learning-freiburg/ros_sam 28 Sep 2023

We implemented our system on a real robot and performed several autonomous closed-loop experiments in which the robot had to open a door with unknown joint while estimating the articulation online.


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Sparks of Large Audio Models: A Survey and Outlook

emulationai/awesome-large-audio-models 24 Aug 2023

This survey paper provides a comprehensive overview of the recent advancements and challenges in applying large language models to the field of audio signal processing.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

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ICLR 2022 Challenge for Computational Geometry and Topology: Design and Results

geomstats/geomstats 17 Jun 2022

This paper presents the computational challenge on differential geometry and topology that was hosted within the ICLR 2022 workshop ``Geometric and Topological Representation Learning".

Computational Geometry

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HOPPER: Interpretative Fuzzing for Libraries

FuzzAnything/hopper 7 Sep 2023

Most of these fuzz drivers are crafted manually by developers, and their quality depends on the developers' understanding of the code.

Cryptography and Security

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HiFi-Codec: Group-residual Vector quantization for High Fidelity Audio Codec

lucidrains/vector-quantize-pytorch 4 May 2023

Despite their usefulness, two challenges persist: (1) training these audio codec models can be difficult due to the lack of publicly available training processes and the need for large-scale data and GPUs; (2) achieving good reconstruction performance requires many codebooks, which increases the burden on generation models.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

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