Multi-band MelGAN: Faster Waveform Generation for High-Quality Text-to-Speech

PaddlePaddle/PaddleSpeech Interspeech2020 2020

In this paper, we propose multi-band MelGAN, a much faster waveform generation model targeting to high-quality text-to-speech.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

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Combining Motion Matching and Orientation Prediction to Animate Avatars for Consumer-Grade VR Devices

upc-virvig/mmvr 23 Sep 2022

First, we use a neural network to estimate the user's body orientation based on the tracking information from the HMD and the hand controllers.

Human-Computer Interaction Graphics

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HyperDog: An Open-Source Quadruped Robot Platform Based on ROS2 and micro-ROS

ndhana94/hyperdog_ros2 19 Sep 2022

With the higher demand for legged robot experiments, more researches and engineers need an affordable and quick way of locomotion algorithm development.


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Leveraging Structural Information to Improve Point Line Visual-Inertial Odometry

xubogithub/Structural-and-Non-structural-line 10 May 2021

In this paper, we designed a VIO system based on points and straight lines, which divides straight lines into structural straight lines (that is, straight lines parallel to each other) and non-structural straight lines.


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Efficient and Consistent Bundle Adjustment on Lidar Point Clouds

hku-mars/BALM 19 Sep 2022

To represent and solve the resultant optimization problem more efficiently, this paper then proposes a novel concept {\it point clusters}, which encodes all raw points associated to the same feature by a compact set of parameters, the {\it point cluster coordinates}.


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ADEPT: Automatic Differentiable DEsign of Photonic Tensor Cores

JeremieMelo/pytorch-onn 16 Dec 2021

Photonic tensor cores (PTCs) are essential building blocks for optical artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators based on programmable photonic integrated circuits.

Emerging Technologies Optics

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Lux: Always-on Visualization Recommendations for Exploratory Dataframe Workflows

lux-org/lux 30 Apr 2021

Exploratory data science largely happens in computational notebooks with dataframe APIs, such as pandas, that support flexible means to transform, clean, and analyze data.

Databases Human-Computer Interaction

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Evaluation of Sampling Methods for Scatterplots

libsampling/libsampling 29 Jul 2020

Given a scatterplot with tens of thousands of points or even more, a natural question is which sampling method should be used to create a small but "good" scatterplot for a better abstraction.

Human-Computer Interaction

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DynaVINS: A Visual-Inertial SLAM for Dynamic Environments

url-kaist/dynavins 24 Aug 2022

Then, a keyframe grouping and a multi-hypothesis-based constraints grouping methods are proposed to reduce the effect of temporarily static objects in the loop closing.


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pLUTo: Enabling Massively Parallel Computation in DRAM via Lookup Tables

cmu-safari/pluto 15 Apr 2021

To overcome these limitations of existing PuM architectures, we introduce pLUTo (processing-using-memory with lookup table (LUT) operations), a DRAM-based PuM architecture that leverages the high storage density of DRAM to enable the massively parallel storing and querying of lookup tables (LUTs).

Hardware Architecture Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing B.3.1; C.1.3

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