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Empowering Robotics with Large Language Models: osmAG Map Comprehension with LLMs

hiyouga/llama-factory 13 Mar 2024

In this letter, we address the problem of enabling LLMs to comprehend Area Graph, a text-based map representation, in order to enhance their applicability in the field of mobile robotics.


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A Conflict-Free Replicated JSON Datatype

automerge/automerge 13 Aug 2016

Many applications model their data in a general-purpose storage format such as JSON.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Databases

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LCB-net: Long-Context Biasing for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

alibaba-damo-academy/FunASR 12 Jan 2024

The growing prevalence of online conferences and courses presents a new challenge in improving automatic speech recognition (ASR) with enriched textual information from video slides.

Sound Multimedia Audio and Speech Processing

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GLIM: 3D Range-Inertial Localization and Mapping with GPU-Accelerated Scan Matching Factors

koide3/glim 14 Jul 2024

Although both the odometry estimation and global trajectory optimization algorithms require much more computation than existing methods, we show that they can be run in real-time due to the careful design of the registration error evaluation algorithm and the entire system to fully leverage GPU parallel processing.


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C++ Design Patterns for Low-latency Applications Including High-frequency Trading

0burak/imperial_hft 8 Sep 2023

The research culminates in three main contributions: the creation of a Low-Latency Programming Repository, the optimisation of a market-neutral statistical arbitrage pairs trading strategy, and the implementation of the Disruptor pattern in C++.

Performance Trading and Market Microstructure

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LucidRaster: GPU Software Rasterizer for Exact Order-Independent Transparency

nadult/lucid 22 May 2024

Transparency rendering is problematic and can be considered an open problem in real-time graphics.


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Engineering Record And Replay For Deployability: Extended Technical Report

mozilla/rr 16 May 2017

With some novel optimizations, our system 'rr' records and replays real-world low-parallelism workloads with low overhead, with an entirely user-space implementation, using stock hardware, compilers, runtimes and operating systems.

Programming Languages

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Reinforcement Learning for Collision-free Flight Exploiting Deep Collision Encoding

ntnu-arl/aerial_gym_simulator 6 Feb 2024

This work contributes a novel deep navigation policy that enables collision-free flight of aerial robots based on a modular approach exploiting deep collision encoding and reinforcement learning.


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iKalibr: Unified Targetless Spatiotemporal Calibration for Resilient Integrated Inertial Systems

unsigned-long/ikalibr 16 Jul 2024

Considering most existing calibration methods (i) are generally oriented to specific integrated inertial systems, (ii) often only focus on spatial determination, (iii) usually require artificial targets, lacking convenience and usability, we propose iKalibr: a unified targetless spatiotemporal calibration framework for resilient integrated inertial systems, which overcomes the above issues, and enables both accurate and consistent calibration.


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CBFKIT: A Control Barrier Function Toolbox for Robotics Applications

bardhh/cbfkit 10 Apr 2024

This paper introduces CBFKit, a Python/ROS toolbox for safe robotics planning and control under uncertainty.

Robotics Systems and Control Systems and Control

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