Ground-Fusion: A Low-cost Ground SLAM System Robust to Corner Cases

sjtu-visys/ground-fusion 22 Feb 2024

We introduce Ground-Fusion, a low-cost sensor fusion simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system for ground vehicles.


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A Compiler Infrastructure for Accelerator Generators

cucapra/calyx 19 Feb 2021

This split representation enables a new class of hardware-focused optimizations that require both structural and control flow information which are crucial for high-level programming models for hardware design.

Programming Languages Hardware Architecture

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ProLLaMA: A Protein Large Language Model for Multi-Task Protein Language Processing

linzy19/taxdiff 26 Feb 2024

To address these challenges, we introduce a training framework to transform any general LLM into a ProLLM capable of handling multiple PLP tasks.

Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Biomolecules

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CAM++: A Fast and Efficient Network for Speaker Verification Using Context-Aware Masking

alibaba-damo-academy/3D-Speaker 1 Mar 2023

Time delay neural network (TDNN) has been proven to be efficient for speaker verification.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

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Mel-Band RoFormer for Music Source Separation

lucidrains/BS-RoFormer 3 Oct 2023

Recently, multi-band spectrogram-based approaches such as Band-Split RNN (BSRNN) have demonstrated promising results for music source separation.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

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Finding Root Causes of Floating Point Error with Herbgrind

uwplse/herbgrind 28 Jun 2018

Floating-point arithmetic plays a central role in science, engineering, and finance by enabling developers to approximate real arithmetic.

Programming Languages

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Khronos: A Unified Approach for Spatio-Temporal Metric-Semantic SLAM in Dynamic Environments

mit-spark/khronos 21 Feb 2024

We provide an efficient implementation of the proposed spatio-temporal perception approach, that we call Khronos, and show that it unifies exiting interpretations of short-term and long-term dynamics and is able to construct a dense spatio-temporal map in real-time.


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Enhancing Empathetic Response Generation by Augmenting LLMs with Small-scale Empathetic Models

hiyouga/llama-factory 19 Feb 2024

Current large language models (LLMs) excel in response expression; however, they lack the ability to deeply understand emotional and cognitive nuances, particularly in pinpointing fine-grained emotions and their triggers.

Human-Computer Interaction

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Towards SSH3: how HTTP/3 improves secure shells

francoismichel/ssh3 12 Dec 2023

The SSH protocol was designed in the late nineties to cope with the security problems of the telnetf family of protocols.

Networking and Internet Architecture

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Thinking beyond chatbots' threat to education: Visualizations to elucidate the writing and coding process

judge0/judge0 25 Apr 2023

As we transform our language teaching and learning practices to account for this disruption, it is important to note that language learning plays a pivotal role in developing human intelligence.

Computers and Society

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