Real-time Skeletonization for Sketch-based Modeling

jingma-git/realskel 12 Oct 2021

Lastly, a global refinement method is proposed to give users coarse-to-fine control on the connected skeleton.

Graphics Computational Geometry Human-Computer Interaction

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Combining GHOST and Casper

ethereum/eth2.0-specs 6 Mar 2020

We present "Gasper," a proof-of-stake-based consensus protocol, which is an idealized version of the proposed Ethereum 2. 0 beacon chain.

Cryptography and Security 68W15

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Direct LiDAR Odometry: Fast Localization with Dense Point Clouds

vectr-ucla/direct_lidar_odometry 1 Oct 2021

Field robotics in perceptually-challenging environments require fast and accurate state estimation, but modern LiDAR sensors quickly overwhelm current odometry algorithms.


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Thingi10K: A Dataset of 10,000 3D-Printing Models

autonomousvision/shape_as_points 16 May 2016

Empirically validating new 3D-printing related algorithms and implementations requires testing data representative of inputs encountered \emph{in the wild}.


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A C++17 Thread Pool for High-Performance Scientific Computing

bshoshany/thread-pool 3 May 2021

We present a modern C++17-compatible thread pool implementation, built from scratch with high-performance scientific computing in mind.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing D.1.3; D.1.5

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Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way

unikraft/unikraft 26 Apr 2021

Unikernels are famous for providing excellent performance in terms of boot times, throughput and memory consumption, to name a few metrics.

Operating Systems

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A lightweight design for serverless Function-as-a-Service

second-state/SSVM 13 Oct 2020

FaaS (Function as a Service) allows developers to upload and execute code in the cloud without managing servers.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

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Smart Contract Repair

crytic/slither 12 Dec 2019

Our approach can be used to optimise the overall security and reliability of smart contracts against malicious attackers.

Software Engineering Cryptography and Security 68N15 D.1.2

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Renyi Differential Privacy

facebookresearch/pytorch-dp 24 Feb 2017

We propose a natural relaxation of differential privacy based on the Renyi divergence.

Cryptography and Security

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An Open Torque-Controlled Modular Robot Architecture for Legged Locomotion Research

open-dynamic-robot-initiative/open_robot_actuator_hardware 30 Sep 2019

Finally, to demonstrate the capabilities of the quadruped, we present a novel controller which combines feedforward contact forces computed from a kino-dynamic optimizer with impedance control of the center of mass and base orientation.


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