A lightweight design for serverless Function-as-a-Service

WasmEdge/WasmEdge 13 Oct 2020

FaaS (Function as a Service) allows developers to upload and execute code in the cloud without managing servers.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

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Conditional Variational Autoencoder with Adversarial Learning for End-to-End Text-to-Speech

olawod/freevc 11 Jun 2021

Several recent end-to-end text-to-speech (TTS) models enabling single-stage training and parallel sampling have been proposed, but their sample quality does not match that of two-stage TTS systems.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

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Decoupling Magnitude and Phase Estimation with Deep ResUNet for Music Source Separation

facebookresearch/demucs 12 Sep 2021

This approach has several limitations: 1) its incorrect phase reconstruction degrades the performance, 2) it limits the magnitude of masks between 0 and 1 while we observe that 22% of time-frequency bins have ideal ratio mask values of over~1 in a popular dataset, MUSDB18, 3) its potential on very deep architectures is under-explored.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

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Unikraft: Fast, Specialized Unikernels the Easy Way

unikraft/unikraft 26 Apr 2021

Unikernels are famous for providing excellent performance in terms of boot times, throughput and memory consumption, to name a few metrics.

Operating Systems

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Multi-band MelGAN: Faster Waveform Generation for High-Quality Text-to-Speech

coqui-ai/TTS Interspeech2020 2020

In this paper, we propose multi-band MelGAN, a much faster waveform generation model targeting to high-quality text-to-speech.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

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Manipulating Google Scholar Citations and Google Scholar Metrics: simple, easy and tempting

emeryberger/CSRankings 4 Dec 2012

The launch of Google Scholar Citations and Google Scholar Metrics may provoke a revolution in the research evaluation field as it places within every researchers reach tools that allow bibliometric measuring.

Digital Libraries

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All You Need is DAG

facebookresearch/narwhal 16 Feb 2021

We present DAG-Rider, the first asynchronous Byzantine Atomic Broadcast protocol that achieves optimal resilience, optimal amortized communication complexity, and optimal time complexity.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

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Tai-e: A Static Analysis Framework for Java by Harnessing the Best Designs of Classics

pascal-lab/tai-e 31 Jul 2022

However, despite impressive progress of static analysis, and this field has seen several popular frameworks in the last decades, it is still not clear how a static analysis framework should be designed in a way that analysis developers could benefit more: for example, what a good IR (for analysis) ought to look like?

Programming Languages Software Engineering

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FAST-LIVO: Fast and Tightly-coupled Sparse-Direct LiDAR-Inertial-Visual Odometry

hku-mars/fast-livo 2 Mar 2022

The LIO subsystem registers raw points (instead of feature points on e. g., edges or planes) of a new scan to an incrementally-built point cloud map.


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Banding vs. Quality: Perceptual Impact and Objective Assessment

Netflix/vmaf 22 Feb 2022

Staircase-like contours introduced to a video by quantization in flat areas, commonly known as banding, have been a long-standing problem in both video processing and quality assessment communities.

Multimedia Image and Video Processing

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