A Comparison of Modern General-Purpose Visual SLAM Approaches

ros-planning/navigation2 15 Jul 2021

Advancing maturity in mobile and legged robotics technologies is changing the landscapes where robots are being deployed and found.


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Code Smells in Elixir: Early Results from a Grey Literature Review

lucasvegi/elixir-code-smells 16 Mar 2022

We also propose a list of 18 new smells specific for Elixir systems and investigate whether these smells are currently identified by Credo, a well-known static code analysis tool for Elixir.

Software Engineering

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Ptolemy: Architecture Support for Robust Deep Learning

Ptolemy-DL/Ptolemy 23 Aug 2020

We propose Ptolemy, an algorithm-architecture co-designed system that detects adversarial attacks at inference time with low overhead and high accuracy. We exploit the synergies between DNN inference and imperative program execution: an input to a DNN uniquely activates a set of neurons that contribute significantly to the inference output, analogous to the sequence of basic blocks exercised by an input in a conventional program.

Hardware Architecture Signal Processing

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Million.js: A Fast, Compiler-Augmented Virtual DOM for Performant JavaScript UI Libraries

aidenybai/million 17 Feb 2022

The need for developing and delivering interactive web applications has grown rapidly.

Human-Computer Interaction

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Dark Patterns after the GDPR: Scraping Consent Pop-ups and Demonstrating their Influence

cavi-au/Consent-O-Matic 8 Jan 2020

New consent management platforms (CMPs) have been introduced to the web to conform with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, particularly its requirements for consent when companies collect and process users' personal data.

Human-Computer Interaction Computers and Society

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Elevation Mapping for Locomotion and Navigation using GPU

leggedrobotics/elevation_mapping_cupy 27 Apr 2022

Perceiving the surrounding environment is crucial for autonomous mobile robots.


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Sample Efficiency Matters: A Benchmark for Practical Molecular Optimization

wenhao-gao/mol_opt 22 Jun 2022

Molecular optimization is a fundamental goal in the chemical sciences and is of central interest to drug and material design.

Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Biomolecules

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A Data Science Pipeline for Algorithmic Trading: A Comparative Study of Applications for Finance and Cryptoeconomics

sciecon/srs2021 29 Jun 2022

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made algorithmic trading play a central role in finance.

Human-Computer Interaction General Economics Computational Finance Economics

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PIEEG: Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Brain-Computer-Interface to measure biosignals

Ildaron/EEGwithRaspberryPI journal 2022

This paper presents an inexpensive, high-precision, but at the same time, easy-to-maintain PIEEG board to convert a RaspberryPI to a Brain-computer interface.

Human-Computer Interaction Robotics

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MPro: Combining Static and Symbolic Analysis for Scalable Testing of Smart Contract

crytic/slither 1 Nov 2019

We have implemented our technique in a tool called MPro, a scalable and automated smart contract analyzer based on the existing symbolic analysis tool Mythril-Classic and the static analysis tool Slither.

Cryptography and Security

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