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LCB-net: Long-Context Biasing for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

alibaba-damo-academy/FunASR 12 Jan 2024

The growing prevalence of online conferences and courses presents a new challenge in improving automatic speech recognition (ASR) with enriched textual information from video slides.

Sound Multimedia Audio and Speech Processing

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Empowering Robotics with Large Language Models: osmAG Map Comprehension with LLMs

hiyouga/llama-factory 13 Mar 2024

In this letter, we address the problem of enabling LLMs to comprehend Area Graph, a text-based map representation, in order to enhance their applicability in the field of mobile robotics.


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Stereo-NEC: Enhancing Stereo Visual-Inertial SLAM Initialization with Normal Epipolar Constraints

apdowjn/stereo-nec 12 Mar 2024

Unlike the current state-of-the-art method, which heavily relies on the accuracy of a pure visual SLAM system to estimate inertial variables without updating camera poses, potentially compromising accuracy and robustness, our approach offers a different solution.


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Filter-adapted spatiotemporal sampling for real-time rendering

electronicarts/fastnoise 23 Oct 2023

Stochastic sampling techniques are ubiquitous in real-time rendering, where performance constraints force the use of low sample counts, leading to noisy intermediate results.

Graphics I.3.3; I.3.7

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IPC: Incremental Probabilistic Consensus-based Consistent Set Maximization for SLAM Backends

EmilioOlivastri/IPC 14 May 2024

This paper presents IPC, acronym for Incremental Probabilistic Consensus, a method that approximates the solution to the combinatorial problem of finding the maximally consistent set of measurements in an incremental fashion.


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LOG-LIO: A LiDAR-Inertial Odometry with Efficient Local Geometric Information Estimation

tiev-tongji/log-lio 18 Jul 2023

With the Ring structural information, estimating the normal requires only the range information of the points when a new scan arrives.


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Stream-K: Work-centric Parallel Decomposition for Dense Matrix-Matrix Multiplication on the GPU

usyd-fsalab/fp6_llm 9 Jan 2023

We introduce Stream-K, a work-centric parallelization of matrix multiplication (GEMM) and related computations in dense linear algebra.

Data Structures and Algorithms Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

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COIN-LIO: Complementary Intensity-Augmented LiDAR Inertial Odometry

ethz-asl/COIN-LIO 2 Oct 2023

To effectively leverage intensity as an additional modality, we present a novel feature selection scheme that detects uninformative directions in the point cloud registration and explicitly selects patches with complementary image information.


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LOG-LIO2: A LiDAR-Inertial Odometry with Efficient Uncertainty Analysis

tiev-tongji/log-lio2 2 May 2024

Uncertainty in LiDAR measurements, stemming from factors such as range sensing, is crucial for LIO (LiDAR-Inertial Odometry) systems as it affects the accurate weighting in the loss function.


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GRIL-Calib: Targetless Ground Robot IMU-LiDAR Extrinsic Calibration Method using Ground Plane Motion Constraints

taeyoung96/gril-calib 21 Dec 2023

When IMU and LiDAR are mounted on a ground robot the motion of which is restricted to planar motion, existing calibration methods are likely to exhibit degraded performance.


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