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i-Octree: A Fast, Lightweight, and Dynamic Octree for Proximity Search

zhujun3753/i-octree 15 Sep 2023

Establishing the correspondences between newly acquired points and historically accumulated data (i. e., map) through nearest neighbors search is crucial in numerous robotic applications.


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Stereo-NEC: Enhancing Stereo Visual-Inertial SLAM Initialization with Normal Epipolar Constraints

apdowjn/stereo-nec 12 Mar 2024

Unlike the current state-of-the-art method, which heavily relies on the accuracy of a pure visual SLAM system to estimate inertial variables without updating camera poses, potentially compromising accuracy and robustness, our approach offers a different solution.


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Real-Time Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Driving with Gaussian Process and Incremental Refinement

jchengai/gpir 24 May 2022

Real-time kinodynamic trajectory planning in dynamic environments is critical yet challenging for autonomous driving.


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LCB-net: Long-Context Biasing for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

alibaba-damo-academy/FunASR 12 Jan 2024

The growing prevalence of online conferences and courses presents a new challenge in improving automatic speech recognition (ASR) with enriched textual information from video slides.

Sound Multimedia Audio and Speech Processing

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PyOptInterface: Design and implementation of an efficient modeling language for mathematical optimization

metab0t/PyOptInterface 16 May 2024

This paper introduces the design and implementation of PyOptInterface, a modeling language for mathematical optimization embedded in Python programming language.

Mathematical Software

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InterPreT: Interactive Predicate Learning from Language Feedback for Generalizable Task Planning

hmz-15/interactive-predicate-learning 30 May 2024

In both simulated and real-world robot manipulation domains, we demonstrate that InterPreT reliably uncovers the key predicates and operators governing the environment dynamics.


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Automated Unit Test Improvement using Large Language Models at Meta

Codium-ai/cover-agent 14 Feb 2024

This paper describes Meta's TestGen-LLM tool, which uses LLMs to automatically improve existing human-written tests.

Software Engineering

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Empowering Robotics with Large Language Models: osmAG Map Comprehension with LLMs

hiyouga/llama-factory 13 Mar 2024

In this letter, we address the problem of enabling LLMs to comprehend Area Graph, a text-based map representation, in order to enhance their applicability in the field of mobile robotics.


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The Sky Above The Clouds

skypilot-org/skypilot 14 May 2022

Technology ecosystems often undergo significant transformations as they mature.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

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Finch: Sparse and Structured Array Programming with Control Flow

willow-ahrens/finch.jl 25 Apr 2024

Finch supports a familiar programming language of loops, statements, ifs, breaks, etc., over a wide variety of array structures, such as sparsity, run-length-encoding, symmetry, triangles, padding, or blocks.

Mathematical Software

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