FRILL: A Non-Semantic Speech Embedding for Mobile Devices

google-research/google-research 9 Nov 2020

In this work, we propose a class of lightweight non-semantic speech embedding models that run efficiently on mobile devices based on the recently proposed TRILL speech embedding.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

Sliding Window Algorithms for k-Clustering Problems

google-research/google-research NeurIPS 2020

The sliding window model of computation captures scenarios in which data is arriving continuously, but only the latest $w$ elements should be used for analysis.

Data Structures and Algorithms

TDR-OBCA: A Reliable Planner for Autonomous Driving in Free-Space Environment

ApolloAuto/apollo 23 Sep 2020

This paper presents an optimization-based collision avoidance trajectory generation method for autonomous driving in free-space environments, with enhanced robust-ness, driving comfort and efficiency.


Array Programming with NumPy

numpy/numpy 18 Jun 2020

Array programming provides a powerful, compact, expressive syntax for accessing, manipulating, and operating on data in vectors, matrices, and higher-dimensional arrays.

Mathematical Software Computation

Validating UTF-8 In Less Than One Instruction Per Byte

lemire/simdjson 6 Oct 2020

The majority of text is stored in UTF-8, which must be validated on ingestion.


Parsing Gigabytes of JSON per Second

lemire/simdjson 22 Feb 2019

We are thus motivated to make JSON parsing as fast as possible.

Databases Performance

MediaPipe: A Framework for Building Perception Pipelines

google/mediapipe 14 Jun 2019

A developer can use MediaPipe to build prototypes by combining existing perception components, to advance them to polished cross-platform applications and measure system performance and resource consumption on target platforms.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

PythonRobotics: a Python code collection of robotics algorithms

AtsushiSakai/PythonRobotics 31 Aug 2018

The focus of the project is on autonomous navigation, and the goal is for beginners in robotics to understand the basic ideas behind each algorithm.


A Survey of Motion Planning and Control Techniques for Self-driving Urban Vehicles

AtsushiSakai/PythonRobotics 25 Apr 2016

Self-driving vehicles are a maturing technology with the potential to reshape mobility by enhancing the safety, accessibility, efficiency, and convenience of automotive transportation.


Incremental Sampling-based Algorithms for Optimal Motion Planning

AtsushiSakai/PythonRobotics 3 May 2010

Second, a new algorithm is considered, called the Rapidly-exploring Random Graph (RRG), and it is shown that the cost of the best path in the RRG converges to the optimum almost surely.

Robotics 68T40