Design and Evaluation of Motion Planners for Quadrotors

KumarRobotics/kr_mp_design 24 Sep 2023

The field of quadrotor motion planning has experienced significant advancements over the last decade.


24 Sep 2023

Boosting Studies of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning on Google Research Football Environment: the Past, Present, and Future

jidiai/GRF_MARL 22 Sep 2023

Even though Google Research Football (GRF) was initially benchmarked and studied as a single-agent environment in its original paper, recent years have witnessed an increasing focus on its multi-agent nature by researchers utilizing it as a testbed for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MARL).

Multiagent Systems

22 Sep 2023

AIM: Accelerating Arbitrary-precision Integer Multiplication on Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Computing Platform Versal ACAP

arc-research-lab/aim 21 Sep 2023

We identify that the biggest energy efficiency gains of the CPUs and GPUs come from the dedicated vector units.

Hardware Architecture

21 Sep 2023

Maximal Simplification of Polyhedral Reductions

lnarmour/max-simplification-artifact 21 Sep 2023

Reductions combine multiple input values with an associative operator to produce a single (or multiple) result(s).

Programming Languages

21 Sep 2023

Temporal Network Core Decomposition and Community Search

tgpublic/tgkdc 21 Sep 2023

In contrast to the standard definition and previous core-like decompositions for temporal graphs, our $(k,\Delta)$-core decomposition is an edge-based decomposition founded on the new notion of $\Delta$-degree.

Social and Information Networks Data Structures and Algorithms

21 Sep 2023

BalCon -- resource balancing algorithm for VM consolidation

andreigudkov/balcon 21 Sep 2023

Cloud providers handle substantial number of requests to create and delete virtual machines (VMs) on a daily basis, where the unknown sequence of requests eventually leads to resource fragmentation.

Data Structures and Algorithms Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Discrete Mathematics

21 Sep 2023

DeepTheft: Stealing DNN Model Architectures through Power Side Channel

learningmaker/deeptheft 21 Sep 2023

To this end, we design a novel and generic learning-based framework consisting of a set of meta-models, based on which DeepTheft is demonstrated to have high accuracy in recovering a large number (thousands) of models architectures from different model families including the deepest ResNet152.

Cryptography and Security

21 Sep 2023

HiCRISP: A Hierarchical Closed-Loop Robotic Intelligent Self-Correction Planner

ming-bot/HiCRISP 21 Sep 2023

The integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) into robotics has revolutionized human-robot interactions and autonomous task planning.


21 Sep 2023

Stratified Type Theory

plclub/StraTT 21 Sep 2023

Even in the presence of type-in-type, this restriction suffices to enforce consistency of the system.

Programming Languages D.3.1; F.4.1

21 Sep 2023

Relational Expressions for Data Transformation and Computation

davidpratten/jetisu 20 Sep 2023

Separate programming models for data transformation (declarative) and computation (procedural) impact programmer ergonomics, code reusability and database efficiency.

Databases Programming Languages H.2.3; I.1.3; I.2.4

20 Sep 2023