Datensouveränität für Verbraucher:innen: Technische Ansätze durch KI-basierte Transparenz und Auskunft im Kontext der DSGVO

progprak2021/mirrorme 7 Dec 2021

Traditional approaches, such as the provision of lengthy data protection declarations or the downloading of raw personal data without further assistance, do not meet the requirements of informational self-determination.

Computers and Society

07 Dec 2021

IntelliTC: Automating Type Changes in IntelliJ IDEA

jetbrains-research/data-driven-type-migration 7 Dec 2021

Such a refactoring frequently involves updating not only the type of the element itself, but also the API of all type-dependent references in the code, thus it is tedious and time-consuming.

Software Engineering

07 Dec 2021

Locally Differentially Private Sparse Vector Aggregation

dpsparsevector/dp-sparse 7 Dec 2021

In this paper, we consider the $k$-sparse version of the vector mean estimation problem, that is, suppose that each user's vector has at most $k$ non-zero coordinates in its $d$-dimensional vector, and moreover, $k \ll d$.

Cryptography and Security

07 Dec 2021

Enhancing the SVD Compression

vicky-zh/e-svd 7 Dec 2021

For example, Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) implements the compression by factoring a matrix with orthonormal parts and is pervasively utilized in various fields.

Data Structures and Algorithms

07 Dec 2021

Approximate Translation from Floating-Point to Real-Interval Arithmetic

dsksh/fp_rint_why3 6 Dec 2021

In exchange for the efficiency gained by abstraction, the solving process becomes quasi-complete; we allow to output unknown when the satisfiability is affected by possible numerical errors.

Logic in Computer Science

06 Dec 2021

Jigsaw: Large Language Models meet Program Synthesis

microsoft/jigsawdataset 6 Dec 2021

Our experience suggests that as these large language models evolve for synthesizing code from intent, jigsaw has an important role to play in improving the accuracy of the systems.

Software Engineering Programming Languages

06 Dec 2021

SIMD-Optimized Search Over Sorted Data

lanl/eospac 6 Dec 2021

Algorithms that can be optimized to take advantage of SIMD vector instructions are of particular interest.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Data Structures and Algorithms

06 Dec 2021

Dense and well-connected subgraph detection in dual networks

tsourakakis-lab/dense-kedge-connected 6 Dec 2021

Dense subgraph discovery is a fundamental problem in graph mining with a wide range of applications \cite{gionis2015dense}.

Social and Information Networks Data Structures and Algorithms Quantitative Methods

06 Dec 2021

Tracking the QUIC Spin Bit on Tofino

comsys/tofino-spin-bit-tracker 6 Dec 2021

Still, distinct concepts in QUIC, such as its connection ID, are challenging with current hardware capabilities.

Networking and Internet Architecture C.2.3

06 Dec 2021

Fast Direct Stereo Visual SLAM

irvlab/direct_stereo_slam 3 Dec 2021

We propose a novel approach for fast and accurate stereo visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) independent of feature detection and matching.


03 Dec 2021