Maximal Atomic irRedundant Sets: a Usage-based Dataflow Partitioning Algorithm

cferr/mars 29 Nov 2022

Programs admitting a polyhedral representation can be transformed in many ways for locality and parallelism, notably loop tiling.

Programming Languages Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

29 Nov 2022

Analytic Estimation of Region of Attraction of an LQR Controller for Torque Limited Simple Pendulum

dfki-ric-underactuated-lab/torque_limited_simple_pendulum 28 Nov 2022

Linear-quadratic regulators (LQR) are a well known and widely used tool in control theory for both linear and nonlinear dynamics.


28 Nov 2022

P4Testgen: An Extensible Test Oracle For P4

p4lang/p4c 28 Nov 2022

We present P4Testgen, a test oracle for the P4-16 language that supports automatic generation of packet tests for any P4-programmable device.

Networking and Internet Architecture Symbolic Computation Software Engineering

28 Nov 2022

Security Analysis of the Consumer Remote SIM Provisioning Protocol

peltona/rsp_model 28 Nov 2022

Also, the lack of pre-established identifiers means that a compromised download server anywhere in the world or a compromised secure element can be used for attacks against RSP between honest participants.

Cryptography and Security

28 Nov 2022

A1 SLAM: Quadruped SLAM using the A1's Onboard Sensors

jerredchen/a1_slam 26 Nov 2022

Despite the surge of interest and research development in SLAM and quadrupeds, there still has yet to be an open-source package that capitalizes on the onboard sensors of an affordable quadruped.


26 Nov 2022

Hacky Racers: Exploiting Instruction-Level Parallelism to Generate Stealthy Fine-Grained Timers

fxpigaao/hacky-racer 26 Nov 2022

Side-channel attacks pose serious threats to many security models, especially sandbox-based browsers.

Cryptography and Security Hardware Architecture

26 Nov 2022

strategFTO: Untimed control for timed opacity

dylanmarinho/controlling-ta 25 Nov 2022

We introduce a prototype tool strategFTO addressing the verification of a security property in critical software.

Cryptography and Security Formal Languages and Automata Theory Logic in Computer Science

25 Nov 2022

When Congestion Games Meet Mobile Crowdsourcing: Selective Information Disclosure

redglassli/congestion-games-sid 25 Nov 2022

In congestion games, users make myopic routing decisions to jam each other, and the social planner with the full information designs mechanisms on information or payment side to regulate.

Computer Science and Game Theory

25 Nov 2022

Safe and Robust Observer-Controller Synthesis using Control Barrier Functions

dev10110/robust-safe-observer-controllers 25 Nov 2022

This paper addresses the synthesis of safety-critical controllers using estimate feedback.

Robotics Systems and Control Systems and Control

25 Nov 2022

Microarchitectural Leakage Templates and Their Application to Cache-Based Side Channels

scy-phy/plumber 25 Nov 2022

We design and implement Plumber, a framework to derive the generic Leakage Templates from individual code sequences that are known to cause leakage (e. g., found by prior work).

Cryptography and Security

25 Nov 2022