Production Networks Resilience: Cascading Failures, Power Laws and Optimal Interventions

papachristoumarios/supply-chain-resilience 22 Mar 2023

In the next step, we give bounds on the expected size of cascading failures in a given production network graph as the solution to a linear program and show that extending the node percolation process to a joint percolation process that affects the nodes and the links of the production network becomes a special instance of the well-studied financial contagion model of Eisenberg and Noe.

Social and Information Networks Probability Statistics Theory Statistics Theory

22 Mar 2023

On the Maximal Independent Sets of $k$-mers with the Edit Distance

shao-group/kmerspace 20 Mar 2023

The last algorithm avoids expensive calculations of the edit distance by translating the edit distance into the shortest path in a specifically designed graph.

Data Structures and Algorithms

20 Mar 2023

waywiser: Ergonomic Methods for Assessing Spatial Models

ropensci/waywiser 20 Mar 2023

Assessing models fit to spatial data can be particularly difficult, given that model errors may exhibit spatial autocorrelation, model predictions are often aggregated to multiple spatial scales by end users, and models are often tasked with generalizing into spatial regions outside the boundaries of their initial training data.

Mathematical Software Computation Methodology

20 Mar 2023

Distributed Timed Elastic Band (DTEB) Planner: Trajectory Sharing and Collision Prediction for Multi-Robot Systems

chungym/distributed_teb_multi_robot 20 Mar 2023

Autonomous navigation of mobile robots is a well studied problem in robotics.


20 Mar 2023

Audio-Text Models Do Not Yet Leverage Natural Language

hohsiangwu/preposition-synthesis 19 Mar 2023

Multi-modal contrastive learning techniques in the audio-text domain have quickly become a highly active area of research.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

19 Mar 2023

Goldfish: Peer selection using Matrix completion in unstructured P2P network

bx3/goldfish 17 Mar 2023

The key technical contributions come from bringing ideas of matrix completion for estimating message delivery times for every possible message for every peer ever connected, and a streaming algorithm to efficiently perform the estimation while achieving good performance.

Networking and Internet Architecture

17 Mar 2023

What Do Users Ask in Open-Source AI Repositories? An Empirical Study of GitHub Issues

soarsmu/mining-ai-repos-issues 17 Mar 2023

First, we manually analyze these issues to categorize the problems that developers are likely to encounter in open-source AI repositories.

Software Engineering

17 Mar 2023

Exact and optimal quadratization of nonlinear finite-dimensional non-autonomous dynamical systems

AndreyBychkov/QBee 17 Mar 2023

This area can benefit significantly from working in the optimal lifting variables, where quadratic models provide a direct parametrization of the model that also avoids additional hyperreduction for the nonlinear terms.

Symbolic Computation Numerical Analysis Dynamical Systems Numerical Analysis

17 Mar 2023

On the Effect of Instrumentation on Test Flakiness

unshorn/inst-study 17 Mar 2023

We experiment with common types of instrumentation for Java programs - namely, application performance monitoring, coverage and profiling instrumentation.

Software Engineering

17 Mar 2023

TypeScript's Evolution: An Analysis of Feature Adoption Over Time

vbitz/jsdata_msr 17 Mar 2023

Existing work in JavaScript shows the adoption of dynamic language features can be a major hindrance to static analysis.

Software Engineering

17 Mar 2023