CAPTURE-24: A large dataset of wrist-worn activity tracker data collected in the wild for human activity recognition

OxWearables/capture24 29 Feb 2024

The result is CAPTURE-24, a large activity tracker dataset collected in the wild from 151 participants, amounting to 3883 hours of accelerometer data, of which 2562 hours are annotated.

Human-Computer Interaction

29 Feb 2024

PIMSIM-NN: An ISA-based Simulation Framework for Processing-in-Memory Accelerators

wangxy-2000/pimsim-nn 28 Feb 2024

To evaluate the performance of PIM accelerators, we present an ISA-based simulation framework including a dedicated ISA targeting neural networks running on PIM architectures, a compiler, and a cycleaccurate configurable simulator.

Hardware Architecture

28 Feb 2024

Libfork: portable continuation-stealing with stackless coroutines

conorwilliams/libfork 28 Feb 2024

Fully-strict fork-join parallelism is a powerful model for shared-memory programming due to its optimal time scaling and strong bounds on memory scaling.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

28 Feb 2024

Unifying F1TENTH Autonomous Racing: Survey, Methods and Benchmarks

bdevan5/f1tenth_benchmarks 28 Feb 2024

Therefore, we aim to unify the field by surveying current approaches, describing common methods and providing benchmark results to facilitate clear comparison and establish a baseline for future work.


28 Feb 2024

A Probabilistic Motion Model for Skid-Steer Wheeled Mobile Robot Navigation on Off-Road Terrains

river-lab/multiterrain-gp-model 28 Feb 2024

In this work, using Gaussian Process Regression (GPR) and Sigma-Point Transforms, we estimate the non-linear effects of tire-terrain interaction on robot velocities in a probabilistic fashion.


28 Feb 2024

How open are hybrid journals included in transformative agreements?

njahn82/hoa_ta_effects 28 Feb 2024

In 2022, 58% of hybrid open access was enabled by transformative agreements.

Digital Libraries

28 Feb 2024

Play like a Vertex: A Stackelberg Game Approach for Streaming Graph Partitioning

bearbiscuit05/s5p 28 Feb 2024

This is also a fundamental premise in distributed graph processing, where accommodating a graph with non-distributed systems is unattainable.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Databases Computer Science and Game Theory 97P30 H.2.4

28 Feb 2024

PIMSYN: Synthesizing Processing-in-memory CNN Accelerators

lixixi-jook/pimsyn-nn 28 Feb 2024

In this work, we develop an automatic framework PIMSYN for synthesizing PIM-based CNN accelerators, which greatly facilitates architecture design and helps generate energyefficient accelerators.

Hardware Architecture

28 Feb 2024

Using Programmable Drone in Educational Projects and Competitions

RoboCup-Junior-Slovensko/softverova-podpora 27 Feb 2024

We have been using this drone in an educational robotics competition for three years without camera, and after our students have developed several successful projects that utilized a camera, we prepared a new competition challenge that requires the use of the camera.

Robotics K.3.2

27 Feb 2024

Replicating Electoral Success

tomlinsonk/plurality-replicator-dynamics 27 Feb 2024

For uniformly-distributed voters, we prove that when there are $k = 2$, $3$, or $4$ candidates per election, any symmetric candidate distribution converges over time to a concentration of candidates at the center.

Computer Science and Game Theory Multiagent Systems

27 Feb 2024