Latest Research

A3VLM: Actionable Articulation-Aware Vision Language Model

changhaonan/a3vlm 11 Jun 2024

Vision Language Models (VLMs) have received significant attention in recent years in the robotics community.


11 Jun 2024

Scaling up masked audio encoder learning for general audio classification

richermans/dasheng 11 Jun 2024

Despite progress in audio classification, a generalization gap remains between speech and other sound domains, such as environmental sounds and music.

Sound Audio and Speech Processing

11 Jun 2024

HTVM: Efficient Neural Network Deployment On Heterogeneous TinyML Platforms

kuleuven-micas/htvm 11 Jun 2024

Optimal deployment of deep neural networks (DNNs) on state-of-the-art Systems-on-Chips (SoCs) is crucial for tiny machine learning (TinyML) at the edge.

Programming Languages Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing D.3.4

11 Jun 2024

Differentiability and Optimization of Multiparameter Persistent Homology

davidlapous/multipers 11 Jun 2024

When optimizing a single real-valued function (the one-parameter setting), there is a canonical choice of descriptor for persistent homology: the barcode.

Computational Geometry Algebraic Topology Optimization and Control

11 Jun 2024

Traversing Mars: Co-operative Informative Path Planning to Efficiently Navigate Unknown Scenes

ethz-asl/scouting-ipp 8 Jun 2024

On the other hand, utilizing a scouting robot such as a micro aerial vehicle (MAV) has the potential to reduce wear and time costs and increasing safety of a follower robot.


08 Jun 2024

Data2Neo -- A Tool for Complex Neo4j Data Integration

jkminder/data2neo 7 Jun 2024

This paper introduces Data2Neo, an open-source Python library for converting relational data into knowledge graphs stored in Neo4j databases.


07 Jun 2024

StreamOptix: A Cross-layer Adaptive Video Delivery Scheme

evan-sudo/streamoptix 7 Jun 2024

This paper presents a cross-layer video delivery scheme, StreamOptix, and proposes a joint optimization algorithm for video delivery that leverages the characteristics of the physical (PHY), medium access control (MAC), and application (APP) layers.


07 Jun 2024

Projecting Molecules into Synthesizable Chemical Spaces

luost26/ChemProjector 7 Jun 2024

Discovering new drug molecules is a pivotal yet challenging process due to the near-infinitely large chemical space and notorious demands on time and resources.

Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science Quantitative Methods

07 Jun 2024

FACOS: Enabling Privacy Protection Through Fine-Grained Access Control with On-chain and Off-chain System

cliu717/asynchronousstorage 6 Jun 2024

Data-driven landscape across finance, government, and healthcare, the continuous generation of information demands robust solutions for secure storage, efficient dissemination, and fine-grained access control.

Cryptography and Security

06 Jun 2024

Data-driven Explainable Controller for Soft Robots based on Recurrent Neural Networks

zixichen007115/24zczb 6 Jun 2024

Moreover, we utilize RNN, the Jacobian controller, the kinematics controller, and DDECs for trajectory following tasks.


06 Jun 2024