Manu: A Cloud Native Vector Database Management System

milvus-io/milvus 28 Jun 2022

In the past three years, through interaction with our 1200+ industry users, we have sketched a vision for the features that next-generation vector databases should have, which include long-term evolvability, tunable consistency, good elasticity, and high performance.


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Kotless: a Serverless Framework for Kotlin

JetBrains/kotless 21 May 2021

Recent trends in Web development demonstrate an increased interest in serverless applications, i. e. applications that utilize computational resources provided by cloud services on demand instead of requiring traditional server management.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing

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A Survey on Deep-Learning Approaches for Vehicle Trajectory Prediction in Autonomous Driving

henry1iu/tnt-trajectory-predition 20 Oct 2021

With the rapid development of machine learning, autonomous driving has become a hot issue, making urgent demands for more intelligent perception and planning systems.


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On the design of text editors

rougier/nano-emacs 13 Aug 2020

Text editors are written by and for developers.

Human-Computer Interaction

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DynaVINS: A Visual-Inertial SLAM for Dynamic Environments

url-kaist/dynavins 24 Aug 2022

Then, a keyframe grouping and a multi-hypothesis-based constraints grouping methods are proposed to reduce the effect of temporarily static objects in the loop closing.


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Tai-e: A Static Analysis Framework for Java by Harnessing the Best Designs of Classics

pascal-lab/tai-e 31 Jul 2022

However, despite impressive progress of static analysis, and this field has seen several popular frameworks in the last decades, it is still not clear how a static analysis framework should be designed in a way that analysis developers could benefit more: for example, what a good IR (for analysis) ought to look like?

Programming Languages Software Engineering

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LIO-SAM: Tightly-coupled Lidar Inertial Odometry via Smoothing and Mapping

TixiaoShan/LIO-SAM IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems 2020

We propose a framework for tightly-coupled lidar inertial odometry via smoothing and mapping, LIO-SAM, that achieves highly accurate, real-time mobile robot trajectory estimation and map-building.


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On Second-Order Derivatives of Rigid-Body Dynamics: Theory & Implementation

stack-of-tasks/pinocchio 12 Feb 2023

Model-based control for robots has increasingly been dependent on optimization-based methods like Differential Dynamic Programming and iterative LQR (iLQR).


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Detection and depth estimation for domestic waste in outdoor environments by sensors fusion

epvelasco/lidar-camera-fusion 8 Nov 2022

In this work, we estimate the depth in which domestic waste are located in space from a mobile robot in outdoor scenarios.


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kollagen: A Collaborative SLAM Pose Graph Generator

ericssonresearch/kollagen 8 Mar 2023

In this paper, we address the lack of datasets for - and the issue of reproducibility in - collaborative SLAM pose graph optimizers by providing a novel pose graph generator.


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