Range Image-based LiDAR Localization for Autonomous Vehicles

25 May 2021  ·  Xieyuanli Chen, Ignacio Vizzo, Thomas Läbe, Jens Behley, Cyrill Stachniss ·

Robust and accurate, map-based localization is crucial for autonomous mobile systems. In this paper, we exploit range images generated from 3D LiDAR scans to address the problem of localizing mobile robots or autonomous cars in a map of a large-scale outdoor environment represented by a triangular mesh. We use the Poisson surface reconstruction to generate the mesh-based map representation. Based on the range images generated from the current LiDAR scan and the synthetic rendered views from the mesh-based map, we propose a new observation model and integrate it into a Monte Carlo localization framework, which achieves better localization performance and generalizes well to different environments. We test the proposed localization approach on multiple datasets collected in different environments with different LiDAR scanners. The experimental results show that our method can reliably and accurately localize a mobile system in different environments and operate online at the LiDAR sensor frame rate to track the vehicle pose.

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