The 4-Component Connectivity of Alternating Group Networks

19 Aug 2018  ·  Chang Jou-Ming, Pai Kung-Jui, Wu Ro-Yu, Yang Jinn-Shyong ·

The $\ell$-component connectivity (or $\ell$-connectivity for short) of a graph $G$, denoted by $\kappa_\ell(G)$, is the minimum number of vertices whose removal from $G$ results in a disconnected graph with at least $\ell$ components or a graph with fewer than $\ell$ vertices. This generalization is a natural extension of the classical connectivity defined in term of minimum vertex-cut. As an application, the $\ell$-connectivity can be used to assess the vulnerability of a graph corresponding to the underlying topology of an interconnection network, and thus is an important issue for reliability and fault tolerance of the network. So far, only a little knowledge of results have been known on $\ell$-connectivity for particular classes of graphs and small $\ell$'s. In a previous work, we studied the $\ell$-connectivity on $n$-dimensional alternating group networks $AN_n$ and obtained the result $\kappa_3(AN_n)=2n-3$ for $n\geqslant 4$. In this sequel, we continue the work and show that $\kappa_4(AN_n)=3n-6$ for $n\geqslant 4$.

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Discrete Mathematics Combinatorics


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