SPIN: A Fast and Scalable Matrix Inversion Method in Apache Spark

15 Jan 2018  ·  Chandan Misra, Sourangshu Bhattacharya, Soumya K. Ghosh ·

The growth of big data in domains such as Earth Sciences, Social Networks, Physical Sciences, etc. has lead to an immense need for efficient and scalable linear algebra operations, e.g. Matrix inversion. Existing methods for efficient and distributed matrix inversion using big data platforms rely on LU decomposition based block-recursive algorithms. However, these algorithms are complex and require a lot of side calculations, e.g. matrix multiplication, at various levels of recursion. In this paper, we propose a different scheme based on Strassen's matrix inversion algorithm (mentioned in Strassen's original paper in 1969), which uses far fewer operations at each level of recursion. We implement the proposed algorithm, and through extensive experimentation, show that it is more efficient than the state of the art methods. Furthermore, we provide a detailed theoretical analysis of the proposed algorithm, and derive theoretical running times which match closely with the empirically observed wall clock running times, thus explaining the U-shaped behaviour w.r.t. block-sizes.

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Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing


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