REGNet: REgion-based Grasp Network for End-to-end Grasp Detection in Point Clouds

28 Feb 2020  ·  Binglei Zhao, Hanbo Zhang, Xuguang Lan, Haoyu Wang, Zhiqiang Tian, Nanning Zheng ·

Reliable robotic grasping in unstructured environments is a crucial but challenging task. The main problem is to generate the optimal grasp of novel objects from partial noisy observations. This paper presents an end-to-end grasp detection network taking one single-view point cloud as input to tackle the problem. Our network includes three stages: Score Network (SN), Grasp Region Network (GRN), and Refine Network (RN). Specifically, SN regresses point grasp confidence and selects positive points with high confidence. Then GRN conducts grasp proposal prediction on the selected positive points. RN generates more accurate grasps by refining proposals predicted by GRN. To further improve the performance, we propose a grasp anchor mechanism, in which grasp anchors with assigned gripper orientations are introduced to generate grasp proposals. Experiments demonstrate that REGNet achieves a success rate of 79.34% and a completion rate of 96% in real-world clutter, which significantly outperforms several state-of-the-art point-cloud based methods, including GPD, PointNetGPD, and S4G. The code is available at

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