Real-time Skeletonization for Sketch-based Modeling

12 Oct 2021  ·  Jing Ma, Jin Wang, Jituo Li, Dongliang Zhang ·

Skeleton creation is an important phase in the character animation pipeline. However, handcrafting skeleton takes extensive labor time and domain knowledge... Automatic skeletonization provides a solution. However, most of the current approaches are far from real-time and lack the flexibility to control the skeleton complexity. In this paper, we present an efficient skeletonization method, which can be seamlessly integrated into the sketch-based modeling process in real-time. The method contains three steps: local sub-skeleton extraction; sub-skeleton connection; and global skeleton refinement. Firstly, the local skeleton is extracted from the processed polygon stroke and forms a subpart along with the sub-mesh. Then, local sub-skeletons are connected according to the intersecting relationships and the modeling sequence of subparts. Lastly, a global refinement method is proposed to give users coarse-to-fine control on the connected skeleton. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method on a variety of examples created by both novices and professionals. read more

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Graphics Computational Geometry Human-Computer Interaction


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