Million.js: The Fastest Compiler-Augmented Virtual DOM for the Web

17 Feb 2022  ·  Aiden Bai ·

Interactive web applications have increasingly dominated the modern internet, however, they are still created with tools that sacrifice both user and developer experience. This led me to create Million.js, the fastest compiler-augmented virtual Document Object Model (DOM) for the web. Million.js reduces load time and time-to-interactive by creating a compiler to pre-compute interactive regions of a web application before the user visits the page. The virtual DOM run-time optimizes interactive content through compiler flags, compute batching, scheduling, and reactive data primitives to achieve optimal performance. After comparative benchmarking, Million.js resulted in 133% to 300% faster rendering and 2347% faster load time compared with the most popular virtual DOM libraries. When Million.js is compared with a real-world web application with both comparative benchmarks and an informal user study, the initial findings show that 35% rendering speed is compared to React.js. With Million.js, web developers can also use React.js' Application Programming Interface (API) to create web applications. The findings show that through a React.js compatibility layer, web applications have the potential to be orders of magnitude faster than what is currently available.

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