Describing Physics For Physical Reasoning: Force-based Sequential Manipulation Planning

28 Feb 2020  ·  Marc Toussaint, Jung-Su Ha, Danny Driess ·

Physical reasoning is a core aspect of intelligence in animals and humans. A central question is what model should be used as a basis for reasoning... Existing work considered models ranging from intuitive physics and physical simulators to contact dynamics models used in robotic manipulation and locomotion. In this work we propose path descriptions of physics which directly allow us to leverage optimization methods to solve planning problems, using multi-physics descriptions that enable the solver to mix various levels of abstraction and simplifications for different objects and phases of the solution. We demonstrate the approach on various robot manipulation planning problems, such as grasping a stick in order to push or lift another object to a target, shifting and grasping a book from a shelve, and throwing an object to bounce towards a target. read more

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