Body Design and Gait Generation of Chair-Type Asymmetrical Tripedal Low-rigidity Robot

9 Apr 2024  ·  Shintaro Inoue, Kento Kawaharazuka, Kei Okada, Masayuki Inaba ·

In this study, a chair-type asymmetric tripedal low-rigidity robot was designed based on the three-legged chair character in the movie "Suzume" and its gait was generated. Its body structure consists of three legs that are asymmetric to the body, so it cannot be easily balanced. In addition, the actuator is a servo motor that can only feed-forward rotational angle commands and the sensor can only sense the robot's posture quaternion. In such an asymmetric and imperfect body structure, we analyzed how gait is generated in walking and stand-up motions by generating gaits with two different methods: a method using linear completion to connect the postures necessary for the gait discovered through trial and error using the actual robot, and a method using the gait generated by reinforcement learning in the simulator and reflecting it to the actual robot. Both methods were able to generate gait that realized walking and stand-up motions, and interesting gait patterns were observed, which differed depending on the method, and were confirmed on the actual robot. Our code and demonstration videos are available here:

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