Banding vs. Quality: Perceptual Impact and Objective Assessment

22 Feb 2022  ·  Lukáš Krasula, Zhi Li, Christos G. Bampis, Mariana Afonso, Nil Fons Miret, Joel Sole ·

Staircase-like contours introduced to a video by quantization in flat areas, commonly known as banding, have been a long-standing problem in both video processing and quality assessment communities. The fact that even a relatively small change of the original pixel values can result in a strong impact on perceived quality makes banding especially difficult to be detected by objective quality metrics. In this paper, we study how banding annoyance compares to more commonly studied scaling and compression artifacts with respect to the overall perceptual quality. We further propose a simple combination of VMAF and the recently developed banding index, CAMBI, into a banding-aware video quality metric showing improved correlation with overall perceived quality.

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Multimedia Image and Video Processing


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