Amphion: An Open-Source Audio, Music and Speech Generation Toolkit

15 Dec 2023  ·  Xueyao Zhang, Liumeng Xue, Yicheng Gu, Yuancheng Wang, Haorui He, Chaoren Wang, Xi Chen, Zihao Fang, Haopeng Chen, Junan Zhang, Tze Ying Tang, Lexiao Zou, Mingxuan Wang, Jun Han, Kai Chen, Haizhou Li, Zhizheng Wu ·

Amphion is an open-source toolkit for Audio, Music, and Speech Generation, targeting to ease the way for junior researchers and engineers into these fields. It presents a unified framework that is inclusive of diverse generation tasks and models, with the added bonus of being easily extendable for new incorporation. The toolkit is designed with beginner-friendly workflows and pre-trained models, allowing both beginners and seasoned researchers to kick-start their projects with relative ease. Additionally, it provides interactive visualizations and demonstrations of classic models for educational purposes. The initial release of Amphion v0.1 supports a range of tasks including Text to Speech (TTS), Text to Audio (TTA), and Singing Voice Conversion (SVC), supplemented by essential components like data preprocessing, state-of-the-art vocoders, and evaluation metrics. This paper presents a high-level overview of Amphion.

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Sound Audio and Speech Processing