Just Another Day on Twitter: A Complete 24 Hours of Twitter Data

no code yet • 26 Jan 2023

In a globally coordinated effort of 80 scholars to shed light on these questions, and to offer a dataset that will equip other researchers to do the same, we have collected all 375 million tweets published within a 24-hour time period starting on September 21, 2022.

Social and Information Networks Computers and Society


Digital Inheritance in Web3: A Case Study of Soulbound Tokens and the Social Recovery Pallet within the Polkadot and Kusama Ecosystems

no code yet • 26 Jan 2023

In recent years discussions centered around digital inheritance have increased among social media users and across blockchain ecosystems.

Cryptography and Security


Putting ChatGPT's Medical Advice to the (Turing) Test

no code yet • 24 Jan 2023

Conclusions: ChatGPT responses to patient questions were weakly distinguishable from provider responses.

Human-Computer Interaction


Set-Theoretic and Type-Theoretic Ordinals Coincide

no code yet • 25 Jan 2023

We show that the two definitions are equivalent if we use (the HoTT refinement of) Aczel's interpretation of constructive set theory into type theory.

Logic in Computer Science Logic


Generalized Inference of Mesoscale Structures in Higher-order Networks

nickruggeri/hy-mmsbm 26 Jan 2023

Hypergraphs, describing networks where interactions take place among any number of units, are a natural tool to model many real-world social and biological systems.

Social and Information Networks


Sustainability is Stratified: Toward a Better Theory of Sustainable Software Engineering

no code yet • 26 Jan 2023

The sustainability of software development products and processes should be conceptualized as multisystemic and stratified, and assessed accordingly.

Software Engineering


Is Embodied Interaction Beneficial? A Study on Navigating Network Visualizations

no code yet • 27 Jan 2023

Overall, the accuracy and workload advantages of conditions with greater embodiment in specific tasks suggest promising opportunities to create more effective environments in which to analyze network visualizations.

Human-Computer Interaction Graphics


SONIA: an immersive customizable virtual reality system for the education and exploration of brain networks

healthx-lab/sonia 24 Jan 2023

While mastery of neuroanatomy is important for the investigation of the brain, there is an increasing interest in exploring the neural pathways to better understand the roles of neural circuitry in brain functions.

Human-Computer Interaction Multimedia


Effect of Swarm Density on Collective Tracking Performance

hianlee/swarm-density-tracking 25 Jan 2023

We identify a `transition' phase, in which a complex emergent collective response arises.

Multiagent Systems


Bio-inspired Autonomous Exploration Policies with CNN-based Object Detection on Nano-drones

no code yet • 28 Jan 2023

By combining the detection CNN and the exploration policy, we show an average detection rate of 90% on six target objects in a never-seen-before environment.

Robotics Systems and Control Systems and Control