Bugs in our Pockets: The Risks of Client-Side Scanning

no code yet • 14 Oct 2021

Instead of weakening encryption or providing law enforcement with backdoor keys to decrypt communications, CSS would enable on-device analysis of data in the clear.

Cryptography and Security Computers and Society


Multimodal datasets: misogyny, pornography, and malignant stereotypes

no code yet • 5 Oct 2021

We have now entered the era of trillion parameter machine learning models trained on billion-sized datasets scraped from the internet.

Computers and Society


Are iPhones Really Better for Privacy? Comparative Study of iOS and Android Apps

no code yet • 28 Sep 2021

We find that third-party tracking and the sharing of unique user identifiers was widespread in apps from both ecosystems, even in apps aimed at children.

Cryptography and Security Computers and Society


Is this the simplest (and most surprising) sorting algorithm ever?

mattn/i_cant_believe_it_can 3 Oct 2021

We present an extremely simple sorting algorithm.

Data Structures and Algorithms F.2.2


Unique on Facebook: Formulation and Evidence of (Nano)targeting Individual Users with non-PII Data

no code yet • 13 Oct 2021

Previous literature has also reported that, in datasets including millions of users, a combination of several non-PII items (which alone are not enough to identify an individual) can uniquely identify an individual within the dataset.

Social and Information Networks Computers and Society


Universal Payment Channels: An Interoperability Platform for Digital Currencies

no code yet • 24 Sep 2021

We envision a future payment network that may be built on top of DLT networks without being subject to their limitations on interoperability, scalability, and availability faced by DLT payment solutions today.

Cryptography and Security Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing


Impact of delay classes on the data structure in IOTA

no code yet • 12 Oct 2021

However, the exact time that a message enters the tip pool of a node depends on the delay of that message.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing


Security Review of Ethereum Beacon Clients

no code yet • 23 Sep 2021

The beacon chain is the backbone of the Ethereum's evolution towards a proof-of-stake-based scalable network.

Cryptography and Security


Legged Robots that Keep on Learning: Fine-Tuning Locomotion Policies in the Real World

no code yet • 11 Oct 2021

Legged robots are physically capable of traversing a wide range of challenging environments, but designing controllers that are sufficiently robust to handle this diversity has been a long-standing challenge in robotics.



The Cognitive Science of Extremist Ideologies Online

no code yet • 1 Oct 2021

We then build a model of how newcomers to the group navigate the underlying conceptual structure.

Social and Information Networks Computers and Society Applications