Power to the People? Opportunities and Challenges for Participatory AI

no code yet • 15 Sep 2022

Participatory approaches to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are gaining momentum: the increased attention comes partly with the view that participation opens the gateway to an inclusive, equitable, robust, responsible and trustworthy AI. Among other benefits, participatory approaches are essential to understanding and adequately representing the needs, desires and perspectives of historically marginalized communities.

Computers and Society


Proofs of Proof-of-Stake with Sublinear Complexity

shresthagrawal/poc-superlight-client 18 Sep 2022

On the other hand, light clients, which are not in popular use today, allow decentralization, but at inefficient linear bootstrapping complexity.

Cryptography and Security


IOTA Tangle 2.0: Toward a Scalable, Decentralized, Smart, and Autonomous IoT Ecosystem

no code yet • 11 Sep 2022

IOTA Tangle is a distributed ledger technology (DLT), primarily designed for Internet-of-Things (IoT) networks and applications.

Networking and Internet Architecture


Your Consent Is Worth 75 Euros A Year -- Measurement and Lawfulness of Cookie Paywalls

no code yet • 20 Sep 2022

Most websites offer their content for free, though this gratuity often comes with a counterpart: personal data is collected to finance these websites by resorting, mostly, to tracking and thus targeted advertising.

Computers and Society Human-Computer Interaction


The effect of in-person conferences on the diffusion of ideas

no code yet • 2 Sep 2022

When multiple presentations of interest to an attendee are scheduled at the same time, the attendee is less able to see them, on average.

Digital Libraries General Economics Economics


Dislocated Accountabilities in the AI Supply Chain: Modularity and Developers' Notions of Responsibility

no code yet • 20 Sep 2022

We argue that current responsible AI interventions, like ethics checklists and guidelines that assume panoptical knowledge and control over systems, could improve by taking a located accountability approach, where relations and obligations intertwine and incrementally add value in the process.

Computers and Society Human-Computer Interaction Software Engineering


Bullshark: The Partially Synchronous Version

no code yet • 12 Sep 2022

The purpose of this manuscript is to describe the deterministic partially synchronous version of Bullshark in a simple and clean way.

Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing Cryptography and Security


The Broken Windows Theory Applies to Technical Debt

no code yet • 4 Sep 2022

Objective: To empirically investigate the causal relationship between the TD density of a system and the propensity of developers to introduce new TD during the extension of that system.

Software Engineering D.2


Digital Traces of Brain Drain: Developers during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

no code yet • 2 Sep 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked renewed interest in the phenomenon of brain drain: the exodus of human capital out of countries.

Computers and Society Social and Information Networks


Introducing Grid WAR: Rethinking WAR for Starting Pitchers

snoopryan123/grid_war 12 Sep 2022

The idea is to compute a starter's GWAR for each of his individual games, and define a starter's seasonal GWAR as the sum of the GWAR of each of his games.

Computer Science and Game Theory