YASMIN: Yet Another State MachINe library for ROS 2

26 May 2022  ·  Miguel Ángel González-Santamarta, Francisco Javier Rodríguez-Lera, Camino Fernández Llamas, Francisco Martín Rico, Vicente Matellán Olivera ·

State machines are a common mechanism for defining behaviors in robots, defining them based on identifiable stages. There are several libraries available for easing the implementation of state machines in ROS 1, as SMACH or SMACC, but there are fewer alternatives for ROS 2. YASMIN is yet another library specifically designed for ROS 2 for easing the design of robotic behaviors using state machines. It is available in C++ and Python, provides some default states to speed up the development, and a web viewer for monitoring the execution of the system and helping in the debugging.

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