TartanAir: A Dataset to Push the Limits of Visual SLAM

31 Mar 2020  ·  Wenshan Wang, Delong Zhu, Xiangwei Wang, Yaoyu Hu, Yuheng Qiu, Chen Wang, Yafei Hu, Ashish Kapoor, Sebastian Scherer ·

We present a challenging dataset, the TartanAir, for robot navigation task and more. The data is collected in photo-realistic simulation environments in the presence of various light conditions, weather and moving objects. By collecting data in simulation, we are able to obtain multi-modal sensor data and precise ground truth labels, including the stereo RGB image, depth image, segmentation, optical flow, camera poses, and LiDAR point cloud. We set up a large number of environments with various styles and scenes, covering challenging viewpoints and diverse motion patterns, which are difficult to achieve by using physical data collection platforms.

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