sBSNN: Stochastic-Bits Enabled Binary Spiking Neural Network with On-Chip Learning for Energy Efficient Neuromorphic Computing at the Edge

25 Feb 2020 Koo Minsuk Srinivasan Gopalakrishnan Shim Yong Roy Kaushik

In this work, we propose stochastic Binary Spiking Neural Network (sBSNN) composed of stochastic spiking neurons and binary synapses (stochastic only during training) that computes probabilistically with one-bit precision for power-efficient and memory-compressed neuromorphic computing. We present an energy-efficient implementation of the proposed sBSNN using 'stochastic bit' as the core computational primitive to realize the stochastic neurons and synapses, which are fabricated in 90nm CMOS process, to achieve efficient on-chip training and inference for image recognition tasks... (read more)

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