PIMSIM-NN: An ISA-based Simulation Framework for Processing-in-Memory Accelerators

28 Feb 2024  ·  Xinyu Wang, Xiaotian Sun, Yinhe Han, Xiaoming Chen ·

Processing-in-memory (PIM) has shown extraordinary potential in accelerating neural networks. To evaluate the performance of PIM accelerators, we present an ISA-based simulation framework including a dedicated ISA targeting neural networks running on PIM architectures, a compiler, and a cycleaccurate configurable simulator. Compared with prior works, this work decouples software algorithms and hardware architectures through the proposed ISA, providing a more convenient way to evaluate the effectiveness of software/hardware optimizations. The simulator adopts an event-driven simulation approach and has better support for hardware parallelism. The framework is open-sourced at https://github.com/wangxy-2000/pimsim-nn.

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