On the Maximum Weight Independent Set Problem in graphs without induced cycles of length at least five

16 Jan 2020  ·  Chudnovsky Maria, Pilipczuk Marcin, Pilipczuk Michał, Thomassé Stéphan ·

A hole in a graph is an induced cycle of length at least $4$, and an antihole is the complement of an induced cycle of length at least $4$. A hole or antihole is long if its length is at least $5$... For an integer $k$, the $k$-prism is the graph consisting of two cliques of size $k$ joined by a matching. The complexity of Maximum (Weight) Independent Set (MWIS) in long-hole-free graphs remains an important open problem. In this paper we give a polynomial time algorithm to solve MWIS in long-hole-free graphs with no $k$-prism (for any fixed integer $k$), and a subexponential algorithm for MWIS in long-hole-free graphs in general. As a special case this gives a polynomial time algorithm to find a maximum weight clique in perfect graphs with no long antihole, and no hole of length $6$. The algorithms use the framework of minimal chordal completions and potential maximal cliques. read more

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Discrete Mathematics Data Structures and Algorithms Combinatorics


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