Multi-Objective Policy Generation for Multi-Robot Systems Using Riemannian Motion Policies

14 Feb 2019  ·  Anqi Li, Mustafa Mukadam, Magnus Egerstedt, Byron Boots ·

In the multi-robot systems literature, control policies are typically obtained through descent rules for a potential function which encodes a single team-level objective. However, for multi-objective tasks, it can be hard to design a single control policy that fulfills all the objectives. In this paper, we exploit the idea of decomposing the multi-objective task into a set of simple subtasks. We associate each subtask with a potentially lower-dimensional manifold, and design Riemannian Motion Policies (RMPs) on these manifolds. Centralized and decentralized algorithms are proposed to combine these policies into a final control policy on the configuration space that the robots can execute. We propose a collection of RMPs for simple multi-robot tasks that can be used for building controllers for more complicated tasks. In particular, we prove that many existing multi-robot controllers can be closely approximated by combining the proposed RMPs. Theoretical analysis shows that the multi-robot system under the generated control policy is stable. The proposed framework is validated through both simulated tasks and robotic implementations.

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