Multi-level Weighted Additive Spanners

11 Feb 2021 Reyan Ahmed Greg Bodwin Faryad Darabi Sahneh Keaton Hamm Stephen Kobourov Richard Spence

Given a graph $G = (V,E)$, a subgraph $H$ is an \emph{additive $+\beta$ spanner} if $\dist_H(u,v) \le \dist_G(u,v) + \beta$ for all $u, v \in V$. A \emph{pairwise spanner} is a spanner for which the above inequality only must hold for specific pairs $P \subseteq V \times V$ given on input, and when the pairs have the structure $P = S \times S$ for some subset $S \subseteq V$, it is specifically called a \emph{subsetwise spanner}... (read more)

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