Mel-Band RoFormer for Music Source Separation

3 Oct 2023  ·  Ju-Chiang Wang, Wei-Tsung Lu, Minz Won ·

Recently, multi-band spectrogram-based approaches such as Band-Split RNN (BSRNN) have demonstrated promising results for music source separation. In our recent work, we introduce the BS-RoFormer model which inherits the idea of band-split scheme in BSRNN at the front-end, and then uses the hierarchical Transformer with Rotary Position Embedding (RoPE) to model the inner-band and inter-band sequences for multi-band mask estimation. This model has achieved state-of-the-art performance, but the band-split scheme is defined empirically, without analytic supports from the literature. In this paper, we propose Mel-RoFormer, which adopts the Mel-band scheme that maps the frequency bins into overlapped subbands according to the mel scale. In contract, the band-split mapping in BSRNN and BS-RoFormer is non-overlapping and designed based on heuristics. Using the MUSDB18HQ dataset for experiments, we demonstrate that Mel-RoFormer outperforms BS-RoFormer in the separation tasks of vocals, drums, and other stems.

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Sound Audio and Speech Processing