LCSim: A Large-Scale Controllable Traffic Simulator

28 Jun 2024  ·  Yuheng Zhang, Tianjian Ouyang, Fudan Yu, Cong Ma, Lei Qiao, Wei Wu, Jian Yuan, Yong Li ·

With the rapid development of urban transportation and the continuous advancement in autonomous vehicles, the demand for safely and efficiently testing autonomous driving and traffic optimization algorithms arises, which needs accurate modeling of large-scale urban traffic scenarios. Existing traffic simulation systems encounter two significant limitations. Firstly, they often rely on open-source datasets or manually crafted maps, constraining the scale of simulations. Secondly, vehicle models within these systems tend to be either oversimplified or lack controllability, compromising the authenticity and diversity of the simulations. In this paper, we propose LCSim, a large-scale controllable traffic simulator. LCSim provides map tools for constructing unified high-definition map (HD map) descriptions from open-source datasets including Waymo and Argoverse or publicly available data sources like OpenStreetMap to scale up the simulation scenarios. Also, we integrate diffusion-based traffic simulation into the simulator for realistic and controllable microscopic traffic flow modeling. By leveraging these features, LCSim provides realistic and diverse virtual traffic environments. Code and Demos are available at

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