Haina Storage: A Decentralized Secure Storage Framework Based on Improved Blockchain Structure

2 Apr 2024  ·  Zijian Zhou, Caimei Wang, Xiaoheng Deng, Jianhao Lu, Qilue Wen, Chen Zhang, Hong Li ·

Although the decentralized storage technology based on the blockchain can effectively realize secure data storage on cloud services. However, there are still some problems in the existing schemes, such as low storage capacity and low efficiency. To address related issues, we propose a novel decentralized storage framework, which mainly includes four aspects: (1) we proposed a Bi-direction Circular Linked Chain Structure (BCLCS), which improves data's storage capacity and applicability in decentralized storage. (2) A Proof of Resources (PoR) decision model is proposed. By introducing the network environment as an essential evaluation parameter of storage right decision, the energy and time consumption of decision-making are reduced, and the fairness of decision-making is improved. (3) A chain structure dynamic locking mechanism (CSDLM) is designed to realize anti-traverse and access control. (4) A Bi-directional data Access Mechanism (BDAM) is proposed, which improves the efficiency of data access and acquisition in decentralized storage mode. The experimental results show that the framework has significantly improved the shortcomings of the current decentralized storage.

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