Ground-Fusion: A Low-cost Ground SLAM System Robust to Corner Cases

22 Feb 2024  ·  Jie Yin, Ang Li, Wei Xi, Wenxian Yu, Danping Zou ·

We introduce Ground-Fusion, a low-cost sensor fusion simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system for ground vehicles. Our system features efficient initialization, effective sensor anomaly detection and handling, real-time dense color mapping, and robust localization in diverse environments. We tightly integrate RGB-D images, inertial measurements, wheel odometer and GNSS signals within a factor graph to achieve accurate and reliable localization both indoors and outdoors. To ensure successful initialization, we propose an efficient strategy that comprises three different methods: stationary, visual, and dynamic, tailored to handle diverse cases. Furthermore, we develop mechanisms to detect sensor anomalies and degradation, handling them adeptly to maintain system accuracy. Our experimental results on both public and self-collected datasets demonstrate that Ground-Fusion outperforms existing low-cost SLAM systems in corner cases. We release the code and datasets at

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