First-Order Logic for Flow-Limited Authorization

28 Jan 2020  ·  Hirsch Andrew K., de Amorim Pedro H. Azevedo, Cecchetti Ethan, Tate Ross, Arden Owen ·

We present the Flow-Limited Authorization First-Order Logic (FLAFOL), a logic for reasoning about authorization decisions in the presence of information-flow policies. We formalize the FLAFOL proof system, characterize its proof-theoretic properties, and develop its security guarantees... In particular, FLAFOL is the first logic to provide a non-interference guarantee while supporting all connectives of first-order logic. Furthermore, this guarantee is the first to combine the notions of non-interference from both authorization logic and information-flow systems. All theorems in this paper are proven in Coq. read more

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Cryptography and Security Logic in Computer Science Programming Languages


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