Design, Fabrication and Evaluation of a Stretchable High-Density Electromyography Array

29 Mar 2024  ·  Rejin John Varghese, Matteo Pizzi, Aritra Kundu, Agnese Grison, Etienne Burdet, Dario Farina ·

The adoption of high-density electrode systems for human-machine interfaces in real-life applications has been impeded by practical and technical challenges, including noise interference, motion artifacts and the lack of compact electrode interfaces. To overcome some of these challenges, we introduce a wearable and stretchable electromyography (EMG) array, and present its design, fabrication methodology, characterisation, and comprehensive evaluation. Our proposed solution comprises dry-electrodes on flexible printed circuit board (PCB) substrates, eliminating the need for time-consuming skin preparation. The proposed fabrication method allows the manufacturing of stretchable sleeves, with consistent and standardised coverage across subjects. We thoroughly tested our developed prototype, evaluating its potential for application in both research and real-world environments. The results of our study showed that the developed stretchable array matches or outperforms traditional EMG grids and holds promise in furthering the real-world translation of high-density EMG for human-machine interfaces.

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