CARLA-Autoware-Bridge: Facilitating Autonomous Driving Research with a Unified Framework for Simulation and Module Development

17 Feb 2024  ·  Gemb Kaljavesi, Tobias Kerbl, Tobias Betz, Kirill Mitkovskii, Frank Diermeyer ·

Extensive testing is necessary to ensure the safety of autonomous driving modules. In addition to component tests, the safety assessment of individual modules also requires a holistic view at system level, which can be carried out efficiently with the help of simulation. Achieving seamless compatibility between a modular software stack and simulation is complex and poses a significant challenge for many researchers. To ensure testing at the system level with state-of-the-art AV software and simulation software, we have developed and analyzed a bridge connecting the CARLA simulator with the AV software Autoware Core/Universe. This publicly available bridge enables researchers to easily test their modules within the overall software. Our investigations show that an efficient and reliable communication system has been established. We provide the simulation bridge as open-source software at

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