CAPTURE-24: A large dataset of wrist-worn activity tracker data collected in the wild for human activity recognition

29 Feb 2024  ·  Shing Chan, Hang Yuan, Catherine Tong, Aidan Acquah, Abram Schonfeldt, Jonathan Gershuny, Aiden Doherty ·

Existing activity tracker datasets for human activity recognition are typically obtained by having participants perform predefined activities in an enclosed environment under supervision. This results in small datasets with a limited number of activities and heterogeneity, lacking the mixed and nuanced movements normally found in free-living scenarios. As such, models trained on laboratory-style datasets may not generalise out of sample. To address this problem, we introduce a new dataset involving wrist-worn accelerometers, wearable cameras, and sleep diaries, enabling data collection for over 24 hours in a free-living setting. The result is CAPTURE-24, a large activity tracker dataset collected in the wild from 151 participants, amounting to 3883 hours of accelerometer data, of which 2562 hours are annotated. CAPTURE-24 is two to three orders of magnitude larger than existing publicly available datasets, which is critical to developing accurate human activity recognition models.

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