AGDC: Automatic Garbage Detection and Collection

16 Aug 2019  ·  Siddhant Bansal, Seema Patel, Ishita Shah, Prof. Alpesh Patel, Prof. Jagruti Makwana, Dr. Rajesh Thakker ·

Waste management is one of the significant problems throughout the world. Contemporaneous methods find it difficult to manage the volume of solid waste generated by the growing urban population. In this paper, we propose a system which is very hygienic and cheap that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms for detection of the garbage. Once the garbage is detected the system calculates the position of the garbage by the use of the camera only. The proposed system is capable of distinguishing between valuables and garbage with more than 95% confidence in real-time. Finally, a robotic arm controlled by the microcontroller is used to pick up the garbage and places it in the bin. Concluding, the paper explains a system that is capable of working as a human in terms of inspecting and collecting the garbage. The system is able to achieve 3-4 frames per second on the Raspberry Pi, capable of detecting the garbage in real-time with 90%+ confidence.

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