A wireless secure key distribution system with no couriers: a One-Time-Pad Revival

31 May 2020  ·  Barbosa Geraldo A ·

Among the problems to guarantee secrecy for in-transit information, the difficulties involved in renewing cryptographic keys in a secure way using couriers, the perfect secrecy encryption method known as One-Time-Pad (OTP) became almost obsolete. Pure quantum key distribution (QKD) ideally offers security for key distribution and could revive OTP... However, special networks that may need optical fibers, satellite, relay stations, expensive detection equipment compared with telecom technology and the slow protocol offer powerful obstacles for widespread use of QKD. Classical encryption methods flood the secure communication landscape. Many of them rely its security on historical difficulties such as factoring of large numbers -- their alleged security sometimes are presented as the difficulty to brake encryption by brute force. The possibility for a mathematical breakthrough that could make factoring trivial are poorly discussed. This work proposes a solution to bring perfect secrecy to in-transit communication and without the above problems. It shows the key distribution scheme (nicknamed KeyBITS Platform) based on classical signals carrying information but that carry with them recordings of quantum noise. Legitimate users start with a shared information of the coding bases used that gives them an information advantage that allows easy signal recovery. The recorded noise protects the legitimate users and block the attacker's access. This shared information is refreshed at the end of each batch of keys sent providing the secret shared information for the next round. With encryption keys distilled from securely transmitted signals at each round OTP can be revived and at fast speeds. read more

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Cryptography and Security


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